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American Idol made a big mistake in not going after her when they lost Simon.




Beyonce - Mine feat. Drake - Kaelynn KK Harris - Choreography

She did that!!!!

had no choice but to reblog

i love the little girls watching her in amazement

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Grey’s Anatomy. 2014 NAACP Image Award Nominee (5-time winner): Outstanding Drama Series

"I’m really proud of the fact that half our cast is not white." -Sandra Oh

Artist: UnknownDeBarge
Title: UnknownI Like It
Album: UnknownAll This Love, 1982




Just stumbled upon this tweet from February: Neil calling out Mental Floss for lightening his skin.

Mental Floss never apologized for this, I’m grossed out

smh…. black men can never be too smart





It wouldn’t let me reblog this post so I had to take a screenshot.

I’ve watched this post being reblogged for a while and seen the attention it has been received based on the ignorant comment in bold. I’d like to bring attention to the fact that in now way in the text below the picture did I say that black people don’t wash their locs. Neither did I advocate not washing them, as believe it or not I wash my hair on a regular basis. If people had bothered to read the comment properly or to look at my blog and try to find out a bit more about me before making snap judgements then they would know this. A few people did, and I have the utmost respect for those people.

It disappoints me that on a website designes for freedom of expression, thought and speech that some people still so easily follow the crowd like sheep. You see an opinion you feel like you agree with and jump straight on the bandwagon without even questioning who’s driving. This is how the media brainwash us because people are too lazy to look at the evidence and come to their own independent conclusions. People want the person with the loudest voice to speak for them instead.

The second point I want to make is how ridiculous it is that you are blaming another persons hairstyle for your inability to succeed in life. You are literally targetting a person you know nothing about, who you didn’t even know existed before you saw this post and you are accusing them of affecting your chances of getting a job. It’s absolutely ludacris.

I know that it’s generally an easier world for white people, for males, for people who are straight, but it doesn$t mean people don’t have their own struggles. We are all dealt different cards in life but what’s important is how you play the hand you’ve got. There’s inequality in the world and it sucks, but you’ve got to work with what you’ve got. If I change my hairstyle is it going to significantly change your life?? I highly doubt it, and if it did then you are completely disempowering yourself and putting the fate of your own life in someone else’s hands.

Take control of your life. You can’t blame other people for what you do or do not achieve. You might think that because I’m white I’ve had it all handed to me on a plate right? Well I haven’t. I’ve worked hard for the things I have, my skin colour didn’t get me good grades at school and a degree, and even with this I am working a job earning minimum wage. I have no car, no tv, no iphone, no laptop and you accuse me of being a supremacist. It’s ridiculous.

If you think an employer is going to judge you on your hairstyle then f*ck that employer! Why would you want to work for someone who discriminates you for your hairstyle anyway? I sure as hell wouldn’t and that’s why I don’t give a crap if people judge me. I’m employed because I’m hard-working, honest and good I what I do and it’s got nothing to do with my skin colour or hairstyle because my bosses aren’t assholes!!

I get why you’re angry I do. I know I’ve never experienced racial discrimination in the way that people of colour do and maybe I will never understand it completely.  But I’m a woman and that counts for something. I feel angry too when I see so much sexist shit everywhere, but I don’t go around blaming some random male on the internet because they’re paying me less for being a woman. Your intentions might be good but your target is wrong.

Myself and many other white people who wear dreadlocks or matts or whatever you would like to call them in their hair are not bad people. We are kind, loving, open-minded and unjudging. I don’t have a lot but I give as much as I can to other people and I put a lot of energy into trying to help others and yet you want to berate me for my hairstyle.

You literally want to completely disregard a person’s entire character, way of life and how they treat other people and instead focus entirely on how they choose to wear their hair. And then you want to use this as a reason for why you can’t succeed in life. Please reconsider your battles.

"White people’s hair does dread naturally my friends" I repeat. "White people’s hair does dread naturally my friends"

How else was someone supposed to interpret this? Why not clarify SPECIFICALLY who told you that White people’s hair does not dread naturally? No, instead you went on some pissy, White tears rant about how “racist PoC” got offended. To me the statement above sounds like you were saying that “White people can have the same hairstyle as (insert group here)!” Tell me, how else was this supposed to be interpreted?


breh you really think somebody gon read all that???

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dmx on a sling shot ride lmao im donee


finishing a series but still being attached to the story and its characters



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